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Cornwall wedding photographer Alchemy Photography is a preferred supplier at Carnglaze Caverns and is one of the UK’s Top 30 wedding photographers

Getting married at Carnglaze Caverns is a unique experience for you and your guests.

If you’re looking for a unique wedding venue then why not consider getting married at Carnglaze Caverns near Liskeard in Cornwall

Caroline and her team have organized many underground weddings and can advise you on some of the particular things to consider when planning a distinctive event.

From a photography point of view, working underground presents several challenges not least of which is the prohibition on using flash.   The caverns are resident to many bats (don’t worry – they’ll sleep through your ceremony) and flashlight disturbs them so an alternative light source is needed.   That can come as a shock to a photographer who hasn’t worked there before and hasn’t bothered to check.   As one of the Caverns recommended suppliers, I’ve overcome that problem by using specialist lighting which allows me to get daylight quality light underground and makes our photographs stand out.

As well as lighting, there are other logistical things to consider, access being one of them and it’s worth giving some thought to the mobility of your guests so that any necessary arrangements can be made to allow them time to access the underground caverns.

As well as the underground areas, there are extensive gardens and woodland walks nearby which are perfect for photographs before and after your ceremony – even more so if the weather is kind.

A Carnglaze Cavern wedding is unusual and takes a little more planning and thought than perhaps the more traditional style wedding.

I’ve had the privilege of photographing several weddings beside the Underground Lake and various parties in the upper Rum Store and it’s safe to say that everyone of them has been very different from the other.   The venue lends itself to putting your own unique mark on your wedding day and many of my Clients break from tradition and opt for a more individual style.   I’ve seen a huge range of colours and themes and I can remember every single one of them.

So there you have it – getting married at Carnglaze Caverns isn’t for everyone but for those looking for something different to make their wedding day stand out from the crowd, it’s unbeatable.

If your looking for a local photographer who has plenty of experience of photographing in low light conditions at Carn Glaze Caverns please get in touch

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