Cornwall Elopement Wedding Photographer

Elopement and Micro Wedding Photographer in Cornwall

Cornwall Elopement Photographer, Alchemy Photography is a wedding photographer specialising in Elopement weddings and is also one of the UK’s Top Wedding Photographers

A wedding can involve months of planning and a big budget which isn’t always for everyone.

For some couples, sealing their love quickly is most important as well as having the money to spend on other things, like a honeymoon. They still want their day to be special, set in a beautiful location with memories that they can treasure and share with their friends and family when they return home.

Elopements and runaway weddings are becoming more popular, and Cornwall has plenty of wedding venues to choose from that offer elopement and smaller ceremonies.

Elopement and Micro Wedding Packages

Elopement/ Micro Wedding Packages

2 hours – £375

3 hours – £500

4 hours – £625


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