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Wedding Photography Essential Detail Shots

Wedding Photography Essential Detail Shots

Your wedding day is full of unforgetable moments and beautiful details that tell the story of your wedding day. The wedding rings, jewellery and the fine details of your wedding dress , all these details will hold a special memory. 

Ensuring these details are captured through your wedding photography creates a lasting record for you to look back on.

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• The Wedding Rings: which may also include a box or cushion.

• The Dress and Accessories: From the gown’s detail to the veil and jewelry.

• Bouquets and Buttonholes:  floral arrangements at the recepton or ceremony venue.

• Invitations, Orders of service and Stationery.

• Bridal Shoes and evening footwear

• Cufflinks, Ties, and Accessories: Detail shots of the groom’s attire.

• Table Settings and Decor: Flower arrangements and other reception details.

• Cakes and Desserts: Cake toppers and other details.

• Wedding Signs and Post boxes: Including personal album, seating charts, and table decorations.


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here is a list of 20 detail and decor photos that we commonly captured at weddings:
1. Bridal bouquet: Close-up shots of the bouquet’s intricate floral arrangement.
2. Groom’s buttonhole: A detailed photo of the groom’s buttonhole and its design.
3. Wedding rings: Capturing the rings against various backdrops or in a creative arrangement.
4. Bride’s shoes: Focus on the bride’s footwear, reflecting her style and personality.
5. Groom’s attire: Close-up shots of the groom’s tie, cufflinks, and suit details.
6. Wedding dress: Highlighting the fine lace, beadwork, or design elements of the dress.
7. Veil and accessories: Capturing the intricacies of the veil and bridal accessories.
8. Invitations: Detailed photos of the wedding invitations and stationery.
9. Wedding programs: Focusing on the programs’ design and details.
10. Wedding signs: Shots of welcome boards, or seating charts.
11. Table settings: Capturing tablescapes, centerpieces, and table decor arrangements.
12. Place cards and Menus: Detail shots of the personalised seating cards.
13. Reception room: Overall shots of the reception space before guests arrive.
14. Candles and lighting: Capturing the ambiance created by candles and lights.
15. Wedding cake: Detail shots of the cake’s decoration, tiers, and cake toppers.
16. Dessert table: Photos of the various desserts and sweet treats on display.
17. Wedding presents: Photos of the table set aside for presents and cards.
18. Guest book or alternative: Capturing the guest book or creative guest book alternatives.
19. Photo Boards: Photos of the friends family and loved ones.
20. Chairs and seating: Creative shots of the seating arrangement and chair decor.

wedding food cakes and desserts


A wedding detail shot descibes the small but significant elements that add depth and character to your wedding day.

These shots serve as artistic representations of the intimate and personal details of your wedding day.
Detail photos are all about physical aspects of your wedding day.

wedding table dressing autumn theme
wedding details image


We use special macro lenses to capture close-up, carefully composed images that highlight specific aspects of a scene. 

In the context of a wedding day, they capture the intricate details and intimate touches that make the day special. They’re the snapshots of individual items or moments that altogether tell the story of your wedding

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